MUSIC CONCERTS – music recitals – Vancouver Ridgefield Camas wa

MUSIC CONCERTS – music recitals – Vancouver Ridgefield Camas wa 2017-10-26T13:32:54+00:00

Concerts and Gigs

Our concerts and gigs are the perfect venue for you or your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice. They are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem.

Q. What is the difference between concerts, recitals, and gigs?

We sponsor two large, full-scale concert opportunities, complete with a stage, sound system, lights and an enthusiastic audience! The two yearly concerts are the Polyroux Music Festival and the Autumnal Concert.

Recitals: We sponsor two recitals a year called Showcases. This is the place where we feature our younger beginners.

Gigs: The word “gig” is shortened version of engagement created by jazz musicians in the 1920s. We organize little gigs around the community for our students, both as soloists and combos and bands. Our students consistently tell us how cool it is that they get to go and do a gig. The community appreciates the asset and energy of them.

You can view the current schedule and tuition by visiting our 2017-18 school year schedule and see tuition rates page here


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