MUSIC SCHEDULE AND FEES – Piano Guitar Voice – Vancouver Ridgefield Camas WA

MUSIC SCHEDULE AND FEES – Piano Guitar Voice – Vancouver Ridgefield Camas WA 2017-11-16T15:00:52+00:00

Private Music Classes For All Ages:

Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, and Drums.

These classes are available during the following hours.

Each studio location will vary on day/time availability.

Monday – Thursday 2:30 – 8:00 pm
Friday 2:30 – 7:00 pm
Saturday Call for times

For weekday morning private and early afternoon lesson times, please call the location nearest to you for available times.

Preschool Music Times (Ages 18 months – 6 years) – Tuition $93 per Month – All Materials Included

Ridgefield Camas  Camas
Level 1 (ages 18 mo-3 years) Level 1 (ages 18 mo-3 years)  Level 1 (ages 18 mo-3 years)
Mon 2:30-3:00
Tue 11:00-11:30 (start Nov 7), 1:00-1:30
Tue 11:00-11:30 Wed 11:00-11:30
Thur 11:00-11:30, 5:30-6:00
Level 2 (ages 3-6 years)  Level 2 (ages 3-6)  Level 2 (ages 3-6)
Mon 4:00-4:30, 5:15-5:45
Tue 11:45-12:15 (start Nov 7), 1:45-2:15, 4:30-5:00
Tue 11:45-12:15 Wed 11:45-12:15, 6:15-6:45
Thur 11:45-12:15, 2:00-2:30, 4:00-4:30

Children’s Choir (ages 6 – 12) – Tuition $63 per month


Our children’s choirs are for children ages 6-12. Each location has its own choir, but each choir works on the same repertoire. The choirs rehearse separately  in their own location on a weekly basis, but perform as one larger choir.  The individual choirs are usually 8 or fewer students, so a huge benefit of our children’s choirs are the students all still get a lot of personalized attention. 

 The choir students are taught the basics of proper breathing technique and singing form. 

 Each group meets for 30 minutes once a week.  The combined choirs perform in 2 concerts per year.

Monday 4:30-5:00 Thursdays 5:30-6:00

Group Instrument Instruction – Tuition $93 per month, one time $15 materials fee



Our group lessons are meant for students who are motivated by, or just enjoy working as part of a team. The social interaction helps these students stay motivated and challenged in a supportive, friendly environment.  Each class is a 45 minute session and limited to 6 students per class.  Students will either progress into the next group level or into private lessons. There is a one-time $15 materials fee for group classes.

Ridgefield  Camas
Group Piano
Ages 6-9

Mon 4:30-5:15
Tue 5:30-6:15
 Group Piano
Ages 6-9

Wed 1:00-1:45, 4:30-5:15
Home School Group Piano
Call for details
Home School Group Piano
Call for details
Group Violin
Call for details
 Group Violin
Call for details
Group Guitar
Ages 6-9

Thu 5:00-5:45, 6:00-6:45
 Group Guitar
Ages 6-9          Ages 9-12
Tue 4:00-4:45, 5:00-5:45

Home School Group Guitar
Call for details
Home School Group Guitar
Call for details

Music Lesson Fees 2017 – 2018



Monthly tuition is based on a 10-month school year, from September through June. Opus is closed the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Spring Break (not necessarily local), and Fourth of July. There are 40 qualified weeks within the 10-month school year. Tuition is totaled based on the 40 weeks then spread evenly month-to-month. Tuition is the same price no matter how many weeks are in the month. The three weeks that Opus is closed do not count as part of the 40 lessons. Families are not charged for the weeks that Opus is closed.

Yearly Registration Fee $30 per student
Private Music Lessons
Private 1/2 hour lesson $33 per lesson
$132 monthly
Private 45 minute lesson $49.50 per lesson
$198 monthly
Private 1 hour lesson $66 per lesson
$264 monthly
 Group Lessons 
Children’s Choir (30 minutes per week)
 $63 per month
Preschool Music (30 minutes per week-includes all instruments and materials) $93 per month
Group Violin (45 minutes per week) $93 per month
Group Lessons – $15 one-time resource fee
Group Piano (45 minutes per week plus one-time $15 materials fee) $93 per month
Group Guitar (45 minutes per week plus one-time $15 materials fee)  $93 per month

Note: All fees must be paid by pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards at time of registration.

Auto-debit and credit card payments are only available for regular auto-charge recurring monthly fees. Credit cards are not accepted for individual in-person payments for lessons each month.

Tuition fees subject to change.